Upon his appointment as Vicar for Filipinos in 2010, Fr. Eugene Tungol called on a group of Filipino clergy and parish lay leaders and organized the Filipino Ministry Consultative Board (FMCB) as the Filipino Ministry’s operating arm. FMCB is headed by the Vicar for Filipinos. The FMCB consists of a board of directors, committees, and advisors. The board of directors serve in an advisory capacity to the Vicar, and plan the organization’s activities. The FMCB committees organize and implement the specific activities of the FMCB; with each committee headed by two members from the board of directors.

While the FMCB was formed in 2010, it has roots with The Office of Filipino Catholic Affairs (FCA) which was established in 1983, as well as other less formal Filipino assemblies of clergy and lay people who proactively organized numerous Filipino celebrations within the Archdiocese like the Simbang Gabi Commissioning Mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral. The FMCB envisions a vibrant, and multi-generational Filipino American Catholic community within the Archdiocese of San Francisco working together to celebrate, promote, and preserve its Filipino faith practices and religious cultural traditions.

FMCB Board of Directors with Father Eugene Tungol in 2010.

Mission and Vision

The Filipino Ministry and its operating arm, the Filipino Ministry Consultative Board (FMCB), provides planning, support, advocacy and coordination of various Filipino parish-related organizations, programs and activities within the Archdiocese.

FMCB Board of Directors and Advisory in 2015